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Ewan the Dream Sheep

Ewan the Dream Sheep is a soft and cuddly sheep toy specially designed for young babies to help them drift off to sleep. For babies and young children who have difficulty sleeping, or maybe they are frightened of the dark, Ewan the Sheep is the perfect night time companion and sleeping aid, providing a soothing and calming influence at bed time which helps settle them down for the best chance of a peaceful nights sleep.

Ewan the Dream Sheep Video

See how adorable Ewan the Dream Sheep helps settle even the youngest of babies with his soft, soothing glow and calming sound effects in the following video.

Ewan the Sheep

Ewan the Sheep is much more than just a cuddly baby toy, he gives off a soothing warm glow thanks to his built–in reddish light together with a range of four different womb sounds designed to have a calming effect on babies and young children.

A lot of thought and consideration has gone into the design of the Ewan Dream Sheep from makers Easidream, to ensure the womb sounds used perfectly complement the advanced movement characteristics to give the best possible calming and soothing results. In fact, special recording equipment was used in order to capture real womb sounds together with the heartbeat of a pregnant mother.

These sounds were then put together with other normal household noises, music and outdoor sounds that were specially filtered using low bass frequencies to produce the right kind of noise that research has shown babies normally experience while they are in the womb. These special sounds are normally referred to as pink noise. To find out more about this fantastic sleeping aid for young children, click here: Ewan the Sheep

Ewan the Sheep Cheapest Price

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Ewan the Sheep Reviews

Ewan the Dream Sheep has received a large number of positive reviews from parents of young children everywhere. Most of the Ewan the Sheep reviews describe the fantastic results that this unique childrens sleeping aid produces with those who have youngsters that are unsettled when it comes to sleeping.

To read what other happy parents are saying with some detailed feedback on their experiences with Ewan the Dream Sheep, click here: Ewan the Sheep Reviews

Or perhaps you would like to share your thoughts and let others know how you fared when using the Easidream Ewan the Dream Sheep, you can send us your own Ewan the Dream Sheep review, click here.


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